WM–Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009

One of the few photos from the Weekend WOD Jan 31st.  Meegs, this is your 15 minutes…relish it

Tuesday’s WOD:

1.  Build to a 1 Rep Max (RM) Deadlift using 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

rest 5 min

2.  As many rounds in 10 minutes of:
2 deadlift reps using 90% of the above 1RM.

rest 5 min
3.  As many double unders as possible in 5 min.  SINGLES DON’T COUNT AT ALL!!!!  If you can’t do DUs, then work on them during this time…just don’t be slow about it…work hard.  

RULES:  you cannot drop the DL weight for either the 1RM or the 90% WOD.  Max rest at the bottom between the 1st and 2nd rep in the 90% WOD is 2 seconds.  If you drop the weight that round doesn’t count.   FORM! FORM! FORM!

Post 1RM load, rounds of 90% WOD and Double unders.


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