Women and Weights. Wed, July 21st. 100 Days of Burpees Day 21

Jay J.  WOD 2, CF Games Affiliate Cup
  3@ 65%
  3@ 70%
  3@ 75%
  AMRAP @ 80%
5 Rounds for total working time (subtract 6 min of rest)
  10 Burpee Lateral Box Jumps (24″/20″)
  10 Toes to Bar
  Rest 90 seconds
For Burpee Lat Box Jumps, execute a burpee.  When you stand up, instead of jumping and clapping, jump up sideways onto the box, then jump off on the other side.  When you land, repeat back to the other side.  Over is 1 rep, back is another rep.
Some of you may have seen my response to a question posted by someone using the blog name “Megan.”  I did not post the original question because the way it was worded, it was bound to offend.  The general gist was this:  will lifting weights in CrossFit give me big arms?
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