WORST.WOD.EVER Tuesday Oct 19

Group Warmup
Go for a 800M run at the turnaround point:
20 tuck jumps
40 mountain climbers
20 pushups
AMRAP 12 mins
10 Burpees
10 DB push press (55/35)
3 Rope climbs (substitute 6 rope get ups=1 rope climb or 20 body rows=3 rope climbs)
M-WOD…Nagging Hamstring Pain??

from the CrossFit Journal
A CrossFitter, an endurance runner and a triathlete sat in a bar drinking and telling stories about the hardest workout they’ve ever done—the one they never wanted to do again. The endurance runner started.

  “Endurance running is the toughest sport there is. For one workout, I ran a hundred miles through the desert with only a bottle of water. Twice, I was bitten by rattlesnake. That’s the workout I never want to repeat.”
The triathlete wasn’t impressed. “That’s nothing. I once did a double Ironman workout—a five-mile swim, 250-mile bike and two marathons. It took two days and I lost one of my testicles when it snapped off during the second half of the bike ride. I never, ever want to have a workout like that again.”
They both turned to the CrossFitter who had remained silent the entire time.
“So,” asked the endurance runner, “If you had to choose, what CrossFit workout is so painful, so difficult that you never, ever want to do it again?”
The CrossFitter considered this for a second.
“Pretty much all of them,” she answered.

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