X Marks the Spot, Wednesday, June 10th

Wednesday’s WOD (thanks OPT for the concept behind this one):

Broad Jump 200′ (down and back in the gym)
Total number of jumps = X

rest 1 minute

3 rounds for time:
3X Double unders
2X Box Jumps (24/20″)
       X Burpees
If anyone has access to about 40 folding chairs, please let me know.  We lost priority on the ones we were going to use for this weekend’s event.  Thanks!

When you are doing what you know you are meant to do, there’s no need to struggle.
Instead of difficult or challenging or frustrating, there is simply doing.

When you are merely interested, or when you’re following someone else’s dream, anything can distract you.  Yet when you’re pursuing your very own passion, nothing has the power to stop you.  There is a reason why some things feel right and other things don’t.
Pay attention to those feelings, for they tell you who you truly are. -OPT


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