Yeah Burpees! Tuesday July 14th

Tuesday’s WOD:

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
4 Handstand Pushups
8 Burpees
12 Box Jump (20 inch box)

Standards for Rx’d:
HSPU: Fully vertical against wall. Crown of head touches floor at bottom, elbows fully locked at top. Feet cannot come off wall prior to locking out at top
Burpee: Chest and thighs must hit ground at bottom. Feet must leave the ground and hands must clap overhead at top. Hips must be fully extended at top (torso does not have to be perpendicular to ground)
Box Jump: Must jump up (not step up). Hips and knees must fully extend at top. Heels do not have to be on box (you can do rapid-fire, but don’t forget full hip and knee extension)
Scaling Options:
HSPU: Face towards wall, feet on bar that’s on rack (move more vertical and take one foot off to make more difficult.
Burpees: Knee pushups at bottom, do not pushup at bottom , or do not jump at top.
Box Jump: Step ups, stack of bumpers less than 20 inches tall.
July’s Biggest Loser WOD is coming next week on Wednesday!!! Get ready for the unknown!
This Thursday’s WOD is a belated birthday WOD for Mike L. (5 am fanatic). Two hints: 1. he turned 50, and 2. we’ve done the Filthy Fifty too recently to do it again…

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