Monday’s WOD

Clean and Jerk: 1,1,1,1,1
rest 5 minutes
3 rounds of 25 burpee pullups
rest 2 min between rounds

Ma’am, I have no clue who you are, but I couldn’t have summed up nutrition and carbohydrate’s role any WORSE. You clearly demonstrate one of the MANY propagated myths and misunderstandings of endocrinology and macronutrient use.  The most glaring error, up front, is the use of the “My Pyramid” model–a comical remake of the previous food pyramid that has fueled the current obesity epidemic.   The baseline assumption (and fallacy) here is that the pyramid is correct and contributes to our well-being as model of nutrition for all.  With that assumption, the star of this ridiculous fiasco is simply stating what foods are “a lgreat source of carbohydrates.”  She sums up with a groundbreaking and Nobel-worthy observation that “if athletes get the right amount of carbohydrates, they can increase their performance.”  The key words here are “right amount,”  not “a metric shit-ton…from grains.”  

The USDA has again published nutritional guidelines that are founded on “anti-nutrients” of grains and pastas.  
It’s too easy to tear apart this video production…that’s not the point of showing it.  The point is that this is what our kids are taught in school, it’s what the federal government endorses (and has endorsed) as “good” nutrition.  So why (since the late 70’s when the high carb/low-fat propaganda machine took off) have we skyrocketed our obesity levels?  Not because we’re sedentary…not because we eat too much…it’s excess refined carbohydrates.  Take the time to watch this video (below).  You will be amazed.

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