You want Warmup? We got it. Monday, Aug 3d

Monday’s Warmup
400 m warmup side ways run. Touch feet together when going sideways, do not cross over feet (this is almost like a sideways skip). Alternate sides as needed

Monday’s WOD
AMRAP 30 min:
Right side of CFHR warmup
(you know, 10 pullups, puships, situps, hip extensions, 50 double unders, 10s handstand hold…that one!)
1. Click on the link
2. Agree to the waiver
3. Select “Join and Existing Team”
4. Select Virginia, then Select CrossFit Hampton Roads (it says Virginia Beach next to it, just based on Justin’s address)
5. Click Continu
6. Fill in all requested info
7. You can then personalize your fundraising webpage. It will also auto-draft an e-mail requesting support. You can add e-mail addresses as desired.

CrossFit HR’s goal this year is to break $5,000. There is a regional competition for affiliates as well. Results are based on total funds raised.

This is a great cause, a great event, and it marks the 1 year anniversary of our first event in our current location. Please join the team for what will be A FUN, CHALLENGING and REWARDING event!

Beyond the Whiteboard Update.
BTWB has now become a pay site. The cost is $3 per month or $33 per year for an individual. I will continue to post WODs on BTWB for those who wish to continue using it. If it gets to fewer than $10 people, I’ll probably stop posting the WODs. Please vote on the blog to let me know your intent.
LIVE STRONG, support those fighting for their lives and those who fought for our Freedom!!!

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