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Tuesday WOD

Ages 4-8

Whiteboard reading time.
   2 x Partner hop around your partner 3 times
5 squats
“Tight rope walk” around the gym with coach.

Skills: Shoulder press with noodle/pvc
Practice play on the bar- Hanging, L-Hangs, Knee ups, Assisted pull ups

WOD: 3 rounds
6 walking lunges
6 noodle/pvc press
6 grasshoppers scaled however you need


Monday WOD


Warmup:   2x  1:00 double under or single practice
5 handstand attempts
10 PVC pipe passes

Skills:  Shoulder Press
Introduction to rings (basic hold)

WOD:   AMRAP in 10 minutes
6 rope get ups
8 box jumps
10 hibberty jibberty
12 double unders (24 singles)

Group Discussion: What are your goals? Why is it important to celebrate the strengths you already have?

Ages 9-12
Same as above, scaled to appropriate level. Game included at the end.

Bring your 4 year olds!

From ages 4 to 16,  kids and teens were rocking it at CFHR-North this week! We have kids and teens in all age groups signed up and having a blast. This week we worked on the squat, wallballs, passing and agility and several new games! Coach Jered would like to invite parents to consider signing up their 4 year olds as well. We have found that several 4 year olds are ready to roll with the 5-8 age group. Email or use the “click here to learn more or enroll your child” link to ask questions, enroll, or schedule a time to have your child try out a class. Spread the word about CrossFit Kids Hampton Roads and forge the future of fitness.

CFHR Kids Classes Begin Tuesday, May 15th!

We are proud to announce that CFHR Kids and Teens will kickoff classes on Monday, May 15th at CFHR-North.  Please see the schedule on the right side of this page for class times and dates based on your child’s age.  Monday Classes begin May 21st.

See you in the box!

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