CFHR Fit To Be Bare 2011

Welcome to CFHR’s Fit To Be Bare (FTBB) 2011.  FTBB is NOT a weight-loss competition. It is a socially-focused, supportive and motivational vector to get participants started on a path to an overall healthy lifestyle. For 30 days (Jan 2nd through Jan 31st), participants will take an aggressive stance to address the following:

  • emotional and lifestyle stress
  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • exercise

The goal is to look, feel and perform better at the end of the 30 days. It’s tough for us to objectively measure how people feel and perform. We can measure performance in the gym, but that’s not the only kind of performance gains we want participants thinking about. The kind of performance we have in mind is: feeling refreshed in the morning, focused at work, happy at home, productive and content. Yes, workout performance should improve, but we don’t want participants to think working out longer everyday is the path to wellness. The winners (1 male and 1 female) will be chosen based on overall change in physical appearance as determined by before and after photos. Judges are looking for fat loss and maintenance or gain in lean body mass.
We want participants to use our approaches to address the above areas.  This is NOT a “biggest loser” approach of punishing long-duration workouts and limited caloric intake.   Here’s a quick summary:

  • Emotional and Lifestyle Stressors – meditate, take a walk at lunch without your cell phone, find a hobby, social interaction, team/group sports, etc…Find an ESCAPE (physical, mental and emotional) from the crap that drains you. This is not selfish. You will do better at work, with your family and in life if you are focused and not fighting a waterfall of daily stress.
  • Nutrition – A Primal/Paleolithic approach that removes grains, legumes/beans and dairy. Don’t measure or count calories.  Here’s a simple summary: meats, vegetables and fats (animal fats, avocado, coconut, etc…), limit fruit (1 serving a day of berries or none at all), no sugar and limited/no starches. We want semi-mindless buy-in for the 30 days. Just trust us. See the resources guide below for more guidance.  HERE IS AN EXCELLENT SUMMARY FROM WHOLE9’s WHOLE30 program summarizing food choices.
  • Sleep – Before bed, give yourself at least 30 minutes of “wind-down” time with dimmed lights and low activity. Read a book or magazine, work on a puzzle. Avoid TV, the computer and any electric gizmos. Dim the lights early. Get the house quiet. Sleep in a PITCH BLACK room. Put up blackout curtains or blankets over your normal blinds. Cover up any LED lights from TV’s, alarm clocks, etc. Turn the temp DOWN; the room should be very cool. STRIVE HARD…I MEAN DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN FOR 30 DAYS….TO GET 8, 9 OR MORE HOURS OF RESTFUL SLEEP. Try a bit of Natural Calm magnesium in hot water, but don’t drink too much water within 1 or 2 hours before bed. MAKE THIS HAPPEN EVERY NIGHT. LACK OF SLEEP WILL BE YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE TO ACHIEVING YOUR BODY COMPOSITION GOALS.
  • Exercise – Follow our prescribed WODs (scaled appropriately) 2-5 times per week. It doesn’t mean you have to lay around on your off days (you can, but you don’t have to). Play a sport or do something that you enjoy (see lifestyle stress section above). I just started learning Jiu Jitsu at Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Hampton Roads. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to learn a new sport at 35 years old.  When you walk in to CFHR, you should WANT to work out (dreading the WOD is OK, but you should know you feel like working out). If you don’t feel like it, then go 50%, just stretch and B.S. with other athletes (see lifestyle stress/social interaction above) or leave and do something that truly makes you happy other than a WOD.   INJURIES, FOR THE MOST PART, DO NOT PREVENT YOU FROM ACHIEVING FITNESS GOALS. We may have to modify your goals based on what you can do, but you can still work towards goals.


  • Before Photos: Taken Jan 3rd through Jan 10th (coordinate late photos with Coach Jess). No early photos authorized.
  • After Photos: Taken Jan 31st through Feb 5th (coordinate early photos with Coach Jess). No late photos authorized.
  • Photo rules:
    •  Only female coaches will take photos of female participants
    •  Taped-off areas are located in the guys and girls shower rooms. Athletes will stand in the box marked “Athlete.” The coach taking the photo stands in the other box.
    • Photo will be zoomed so entire athlete is just inside the frame (feet to head).
    •  Men clothing requirements – shorts, no shirt, no shoes, no socks
    •  Women clothing requirements – shorts, sports bra, no shoes, no socks
    •  Photos will not be taken within 20 minutes after completing a WOD
    •  3 photos taken:
      1. Facing Front. Hands at side, relaxed belly (no sucking in), both feet INSIDE the taped off box area. Hands flat on side of legs, aft of side-seam on shorts so NO PORTION OF THE MIDSECTION IS MASKED.
      2. Facing Side. Photo will be of the athlete’s RIGHT side. Both feet inside the taped off box area. Relaxed belly (no sucking in), no posing. Arms at side with hands flat against the legs, aft of the side-seam on shorts so NO PORTION OF THE MIDSECTION IS MASKED.
      3. Facing Back (photo of back). Both feet inside the taped off area, hands at side, relaxed belly and back (no flexing), no posing. Arms at side with hands flat against the legs, FORWARD of the side-seam on shorts so NO PORTION OF THE BACK/MIDSECTION IS MASKED. Don’t slouch shoulders forward.

Entry Fee:  $25 per person.  Payment (cash or check made to “CFHR”) is due AT THE TIME OF YOUR PHOTO. $20 from each entry goes to the prize pool.  The other $5 per entry goes as an admin fee. Or you can click the Buy Now button below to pay your entry fee

Top Male and Female split the pool (last year the pool was $1500!)
2nd Place Male and Female get 1 month membership Free

  • On the right side of our webpage, there are Nutrition, Paleo and Required Reading tabs. I HIGHLY suggest going through all of those. The Nutrition resources answer many of the “whys.” The Paleo resources provide many of the “hows.” The 12 Steps to Paleo and the Paleo Shopping List links are great starts.  This is the same stuff we post nearly every day, so there are nearly 600 posts worth of information.  The most consolidated sources we have are on the right side of the webpage.  Try not to turn this into a game of “is this paleo or not.”  Read the readings, get an understanding for the science behind the recommendations and you’ll be armed to make your own successful decisions.
  • You also have access to other athletes who have achieved remarkable success using this approach.
  • Google Groups. While not mandatory, we encourage you to join the Fit to Be Bare Google Groups to exchange recipes, motivate, encourage and support each other; this was a big part of last year’s competition. To join, go to Search for the group name: CFHR FIT TO BE BARE 2011, then request to join. Give us a day to accept you in as a group member.
  • If our coaches have time between classes in the box, then please ask them your questions, but please respect that they may not always have time to answer your questions right then. Coaches will NOT answer nutrition questions during a class.

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