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CFHR offers a wide variety of training options to meet the needs and goals of our athletes.  Regardless of how much we specialize, however, athletes often desire personal guidance to achieve specific goals, and it’s tough to get a truly comprehensive idea of what to do in a 2-minute discussion with a coach in a loud gym.


We are pleased to present GOAL CRUSHER; CFHR’s short-term Personal Goal program.

 If you have short-term goals and want a quick, direct, personalized program to get your there, then GOAL CRUSHER is for you.  GOAL CRUSHER programs are designed to be less than 2 months long and are to supplement  (not replace) the work you do in our Group Classes.  Here are just a few examples of the many possible tailored programs you can get in GOAL CRUSHER:

  • Running plans to prepare for an upcoming race or triathlon
  • Personal Workout plans while recovering from an Injury
  • Advanced bodyweight skill programs
  • Short-term Nutrition & Lifestyle plans to help structure your diet and lifestyle around your schedule
  • Supplemental Strength work to target specific deficiencies

GOAL CRUSHER is a personalized, short-term, affordable program to supplement your Group Class work to get you to your goals quicker.

Options include:

  • 1-Month Fitness Plan (Strength, Bodyweight, Skill, Running etc.)
  • 2- Month Fitness Plan
  • 1-Month Nutrition/Lifestyle Plan
  • 2-Month Nutrition/Lifestyle Plan
  • Combined Nutrition and Fitness Plans

Payment is simply applied to your CFHR account.  Email for pricing.

Each program is designed specifically for you and delivered electronically. You’ll continue doing other Classes as normal, but you will supplement during Open Gym times with your GOAL CRUSHER program or as directed by your GOAL CRUSHER Coach.

Nutrition/Lifestyle plans are not full meal plans.  They are a review of your current lifestyle and nutrition factors, then targeted goals and changes to propel you towards the change you want.  This includes a mid-point checkup and program update via e-mail.

GOAL CRUSHER is the fast, direct, personal and affordable route to supplement Group Classes in order to conquer short-term goals.

Quit putting off your goals….CRUSH ‘EM!

To get started, e-mail either: 

Stop struggling, start TODAY! Let us help you achieve your health and wellness goals!