"Fun" with Thrusters, Tuesday, July 7th

M.E Thruster


post only your 1RM.

This is a Max Effort. Take no more than 15 minutes, but rest 2-3 minutes between efforts

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:Thrusters, 75#/45#
Pull Ups

Another Dave update

We’ve been posting relatively frequent updates about Dave D. (Team PT). He is very good about getting us his progress. We love sharing his story. He truly epitomizes why the word “Transformation” is such a big part of our box. Here are a few before and after pics, along with his latest numbers.
BEFORE (238-240 lbs, size 40)

NOW (214.5 size 35-36 waist)

Just thought I’d give ya’ll some pics you might be able to use to help motivate some of the newbees.

I started crossfit in Feb. 2009. I weighed in at around 238-240 lbs, wore a size 40 wasit and felt terrible. I had no energy, felt sleepy all of the time and felt like I couldn’t even keep up with life in general. Worst of all, I felt as if I didn’t have enough energy to be a good dad. Now, I’m weighing in at 214.5 and wear a size 35-36 waist and wearing large, not XL shirts. I have tons of energy, not even wanting to sit down and rest like I used to. My blood pressure has also improved. I’m down from the high 130’s over 90’s to 122/78 at last measurement. I have to attribute my gains to you guys. The Paleo diet is awesome and Jeremy’s guidance for my daily allowances of Protein, Fat and Carbs has proven to be extraordinarily helpful I have to admit, I still cheat a little, but 93% of the time, I’m totally Paleo. I thank Nicole, Bryan, Rob, Sandi and the other Crossfitters for pushing me in the gym to perform at levels I never thought I could. Yes, I have sweat dearly and had sore muscles from Crossfit, but the gains have been well worth the effort! My metcon’s, strength and olympic moves have vastly improved and I have been doing a great deal of the workout’s RX’d these past couple of months. I am still a long way from where I ultimately wish to be with regards to my fitness level, but I’m well on my way. Thank you guys so much for your leadership, your friendship and all the help you provide us Crossfitters along the way!


If you’ve got an update or want to share your story with others, PLEASE SEND IT OUR WAY!


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