Today’s WOD:

Skills practice:
L-sits or L hangs: as many sits as required to get 30 seconds, 1 min or 2 min (based on skill level)
Handstand or Headstand:  Remain in hand/head stand for 2 minutes (as many as required to add up)–can use wall based on skill level.
Ring Dips or Ring Iso holds
Jean (pictured above) just turned over an 8:22 Fran with 95 lbs (the prescribed weight). 
Before:  262 lbs, “fitness” consisted of periodic runs and pushups, stressed upcoming fitness tests associated with his job
After 2 months of CrossFit:  240 lbs, increased confidence, coordination, stamina, strength, speed, flexibility, balance, power, endurance.  He can finally jump rope.  This man has no fear of the physical tasks of his job or life.
Jean is a convert.  But what’s better?  He and his wife Rosella are doing this TOGETHER.  Rosella has been with us a month and is already doing 35 lbs snatch balances…she’s a natural.
They competed in the FGB III fundraiser and are a constant source of inspiration for us.  KEEP IT UP GUYS!!
Check out this great post from Coach Mike Rutherford from CrossFitKC:

“Get off your tar road”

I recently heard a presentation by a man who returned from an African safari. The presentation was impressive but the man was even more impressive.
His trip was not entirely about him. He was on a mission trip to help build a hospital and church for those most in need.

The majority of adults in this region of Africa suffer from HIV and as a result their children suffer via neglect.

During his presentation he talked about their safari guides who took them on the tours at dusk and into the evening.

The guides explained that as long as the bus stayed on the tar road, most of the potential dangers from animal attacks could be avoided.

The short side of this approach, according to the guide, is that they would miss a tremendous amount of excitement and the real opportunities to view the wildlife….even though it might bite you.

The folks on board had the option to get off the bus to view the wildlife or take the safer route and stay on the blacktop.

A majority took the predictable route, not venturing to where the wild things lived.

Just so you know, those going off the tar road where not really in danger. The guards all carried rifles in the event one of the creatures lost their wits and attacked the bus.

Pity. Travel thousands of miles and take a predictable comfortable bus ride.

This got me thinking about how this relates to the way most people approach their fitness.

The mainstream promotes some slacker walk/jog program or lame-ass circuit program instead of promoting the real functional hard and productive approach that makes people really fit.

But like the tar road, the mainstream stuff is more comfortable and easy to accomplish but yields little to no results.

To make appreciable improvements training must extend the participant to places they have not yet been. It must be a little uncomfortable.

Most people won’t stick their neck out to find out who they really are. The most they can mustard up is a walk in the local park or a little used membership to a fitness center.

The tar road to fitness is quiet and comfortable but yields little.

Do you know somebody traveling down the tar road? Be a change agent and promote the road less traveled to help them find out who they really are.

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