Irony and Babies

A co-worker and I had an interesting conversation today.  His mother-in-law is currently in the hospital battling kidney failure and a multitude of other ailments associated with Type 2 Diabetes.  He mentioned that the doctors had given her Metformin during her stay to help control her Diabetes.  Where’s the irony?  Well, it turns out that in addition to being the most commonly prescribed medication to control Diabetes, Metformin is also known under the trade name Glucophage.  Glucophage just so happens to be one of the most commonly used drugs to treat female infertility.  It works by controlling insulin (preventing excess insulin levels).  This allows normal function of the ovaries and aids in ovulation.  According to Wikipedia, some of the other benefits of Glucophage are: “reduced LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and may aid weight loss.”  Let’s see here, controlling insulin does all these great things…if only there was a way to control insulin before bad stuff happened and without the use of medication.  Well, insulin levels are generally elevated (and complicating the ability to get pregnant) due to diet.  Hyperinsulinemia (an excess of insulin) is the cause of the diabetes epidemic and mostly caused by diet.  By simply addressing our Nutrition, much of the Diabetes scourge and many instances of Infertility could be curbed, saving unimaginable costs in healthcare (Nutrition would also address Cancer, Parkinson’s, Hear Disease, Alzheimer’s, High Blood Pressure, etc.)  Renowned research biochemist, nutritional guru and owner of CrossFit Norcal, Robb Wolf has a great story about how within months of changing their diet to a Paleo/Zone prescription, many of his female clients were pregnant (Robb is innocent other than controlling their insulin through proper Nutrition…but DNA tests are pending).  So many benefits come from addressing what we eat.  Check out our Nutrition links.  LIVE STRONG!

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