Paleo Man vs. Vegan (funny). Mon March 1st

“AAAAAAAAAAND THEY’RE OFF!” The early go of the Affiliate team tryouts went on Sunday morning.  Thanks to The judges that showed and for Meegs for already showing what a tight, well-run event next Saturday will be.

Here is the tentative schedule of events for next Saturday:
0900 – Men’s heat starts
1030 – Women start
1200 – CFHR Team announced
1230 – ‘Open Gym’ for the rest who want to go through the WODs
1700 – Mexican and Cold Stone push 🙂

Weekly Warmup:
Run 300m focusing on Pose form learned last week
For 100m alternate: 10 x high-knee skips and 30 high knee sprint steps
Then warmup the WOD elements THOROUGHLY!!!

This week, I’ll be posting versions of the WOD for athletes participating in the Tryouts.  For those athletes trying out, here’s the WOD schedule I recommend:
    Tue – On
    Wed – Rest
    Thur – go through the motions WOD (just moderate to heavy lifting, but little metcon)
    Fri – Rest
    Sat – Compete

The WODs for this week will allow skill practice for the tryouts.  You’ll see many of the tryout elements mixed in.  Plus, we’ve got a B-Day WOD thrown in the mix on Fri!

CrossFit WOD
Athletes not trying out for the Affiliate team:
14 min AMRAP
   5 Chest-to-Bar Pullups (yep, even with a band, kip yourself up there)
   10 SDHP (95#/65#)

Athletes trying out for the Affiliate team:
  9 min AMRAP
    5 CTB Pullups
    10 SDHP (95#/65#)

Skills:  SDHP, Mountain Climbers

10 min AMRAP
   5 SDHP (training bar plus bumpers)
   20 mountain climbers

As if there was any doubt:


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