Skill Work, Feats of Strength. It’s FRIDAY. Friday, Aug 20th (100 DOB Day 51)


Conditioning (not for time)
4 sets of:
   8 weighted pushups (2 sec down, explode up)
   12 Hip Extensions (2 sec down, explode up)

use bumpers on the back for the loading.  Sets 3 and 4 should be challenging


Skill Work. Choose your own skills/lifts to tackle or try these:
  Bar Muscle Up
  Ring Muscle Up Skill Work
  Skin the Cat (straighten legs as you get better at it)
  Weighted Pullups
  Rope Climb
  Box Jump Confidence Jumps
  Jump to squat from the knees (start without any weight. focus on landing in deep squat, not on landing fully standing)

Make sure you prep for next Friday’s Skill Work (see the video below)

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