TAKEOFF Course Resources

Welcome to the CrossFit Hampton Roads TAKEOFF course resource page. Please aggressively consume this material with an open and eager mind, it will pay dividends in the course, and can make the difference between seeing a drastic improvement in your health or running headlong into a wall of frustration. Our time in the gym is brief but valuable. Please come prepared!! We recommend you review, at a minimum, the squatting series (squat, front squat and overhead squat) from our exercise demo page prior to your first TAKEOFF session.

Class 1 (Squat Series):
Movements (click to view video demo):

Mobility: Hips

Class 2 (Deadlift Series):


Mobility: Ankles and Calves

Class 3 (Press Series):


Mobility: Shoulders

Class 4 (Lifting From The Rack)

Mobility:  Hamstrings

Class 5 (Intro to Olympic Lifts)

Class 6 (Lecture, Q&A Only)

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