The Art is in the Programming

Welcome to our new blog location.  This makes life a ton easier for us.  I’ve copied in most of our old posts.  Give me time and I’ll eventually get them all in.  With the new facility comes our new 5 days ON 2 days OFF workout flow.  For a sample of what it will be like, checkout the blog of one of my CrossFit mentors and heroes:  James Fitzgerald (aka OPT) of Optimum Performance Training in Alberta, Canada.  James won the first CrossFit Games in 2007 and is a wealth of knowledge in tinkering with nutrition and training to optimize performance.  You’ll see the letters M, W, and G in his workouts.  These stand for Metabolic, Weightlifting and Gymnastics.  This is the heart of CrossFit programming (the art behind it all).  We’ll start posting our workouts in the same format.  We’ll be using a lot of James’ and Coach Rut’s material for a bit while we build a catalogue of our own.  You can still expect all the staples and named WODs of CrossFit too.

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