The Meatrix..Do you know where your food comes from? Wed, Feb 24th

Reminder:  We close at 7:15pm.  If you get started late, please shorten your warmup/WOD as necessary to allow our trainers to get home and SLEEP!

Congrats to Cristy and JoJo on finishing their first As RX’d WOD!  They did Monday’s overhead step-up/Thruster/DL WOD at 45# AS RX’D!

CrossFit WOD & CrossFit TAKEOFF WOD:
After DJM Warmup, execute:
A.   5 minute POSE form review:  Video 1 & Video 2 & Video 3
B.   Run 2 x 100m warmups (think 50% effort or less) focusing on form…you’ll feel short and choppy compared to how you’re used to running.
C.  Execute 9 x 100m running intervals executed as follows:
             Intervals 1, 4, and 7 are at 75% max effort speed
             Intervals 2, 5, and 8 are at 85% max effort speed
             Intervals 3, 6, and 9 are at 100% max effort speed
Rest as required between intervals, but strive to keep rest under 2 minutes.
The goal is steady form as pace increases.  You MUST THINK AND FOCUS HARD ON FORM DURING THIS WORKOUT!
What is 100M at CFHR?  
The weather backup (potential for evening rain) for those that wish to choose it:
Same WOD, but executed as 30 second rowing sprint intervals (damper as desired).  



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