The Mental Aspect of CrossFit

While physical challenges and astonishing physical results are the most visible aspects of CrossFit, there is another very important factor–mental focus and mental endurance.  Forging Mental Fitness is written by Jim Decker, an Army Special FOrces soldier and CrossFit trainer.  In this great article, Decker describes his astonishment in finding that in executing CrossFit workouts, bankers, soccer moms and teachers all exude the same level of mental toughness as Special Forces soldiers.  Surrounding the CrossFit Hierarchy of Fitness is a mental component we added at CrossFit Hampton Roads:  Inner Dialogue (seen before WODs when facing a daunting challenge), Mental Focus (the perseverance to complete a WOD), and Confidence (seen immediately after completing a WOD and for the next 3 weeks as you brag to co-workers, family and friends about what you accomplished until they tell you to shut up…just before asking you if you’ve lost weight).

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