Group Classes & Open Gym Information

Access to all Group Classes included in your monthly fee.


Offered 6 days a week, you’ll workout with fellow athletes under the watchful eye of a CFHR Coach. Workouts are scaled based on an athlete’s experience and abilities. This class is the heart of the CrossFit community and incorporates elements of Strength, Power, Speed, Stamina, Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, and Cardio/Respiratory Endurance.

Open Gym offers our athletes time to:
  • Execute individualized workouts from our Program Design
  • Practice skills (gymnastics, olympic lifts)
  • Do individual Strength Work
  • Makeup a missed workout
Open Gym Rules:
  • You MUST inform the Coach on duty of what you’ll be doing. COME PREPARED!
  • PLEASE DO NOT ASK, “WHAT SHOULD I DO TODAY.” *(see Program Design )*
  • Must have been CrossFitting for at least 6 months.
  • Group/Strength Classes take priority for both equipment use and space.
  • You acknowledge that you will not be actively coached during your workout.

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