Private Training

Private Skill Training Sessions

We encourage athletes to focus on progressing towards their goals. A private skill training session is a great way to get extra exposure to more technical movements (like olympic lifts and gymnastics elements) or as a refresher for movements you have not practiced in a while; all under the guidance of a skilled coach. $65 for a 1 hour session (package and group rates available). Contact us at to schedule.


Private Full-Spectrum Lifestyle and Personal Training

This is our comprehensive Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Program individualized to you and your goals. Improve your performance in a specific sport (running, triathlon, hockey, etc.) or establish a steady pattern of lifelong wellness to improve how you look, feel and perform every day. The program is 100% designed around you and your goals and guided by your coach. Prices vary based on your specific program. Contact us at to start.

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