Today’s WOD:

2 rounds (not for time) of:
1,1,1,1,1 OHS at 70% (30 seconds rest between reps)
1,1,1 Hang Squat Clean at same weight as OHS (30 s rest b/t reps)
1,1,1 Push jerk (30s b/t reps)
1,1,1 Snatch Balance (30 s b/t reps)
One arm DB Power Snatch: 6 reps each arm (x 3)
J’s WOD:
5 sets of 5 reps OHS, HSC, PJ, Snatch Balance 30s rest between each set of 5. 2 min b/t exercises
OHS: 105/115/135/155/165
PJ: 135/140/150/155/160
Snatch Balance: 95/105/110/115/125
“Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival” is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ. As CrossFit is based on empirical results over time, so too is the fact that hyperinsulinemia (a state of excess insulin and insulin resistance caused by too much carbohydrate intake and too little sleep) is the root of the majority of our civilization’s “modern” diseases: Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, mental disfunction…you name it.

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