Quote of the Day from Jean

“Every time you miss a CrossFit Workout, God kills a kitten”
Thursday’s Workout
7 Rounds for Time:
21 Push Press (95 lbs)
21 ABMAT situps
Everyone reaches a point in fitness, education, family, etc. when they need a break: mentally and/or physically.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to pause from someone or something you love to take care of yourself.  YOU CANNOT GIVE 100% TO OTHERS OR YOUR PASSIONS IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  If you walk into the gym and your internal dialogue is saying, “I’m just not feeling it today…I need a break,” then you have two options:  1.  Go through the motions, but off the clock (i.e., don’t go max intensity), or 2. Just take the day off.  About every 2-3 months or so, Nicole and I take a good 2-3 day break in training.  We do nothing but stretch and get back into the game mentally.  We don’t force this upon ourselves…we just know it’s time.  This works for us, other have different methods and schedules. To keep our passion for CrossFit, we need a mental and physical break periodically.  
Along the same lines, if you are injured, excessively sore, etc. then You must let us know when you walk in the door or immediately if it occurs during a workout.  Be vocal about how you feel mentally and physically.  We’ll most likely tell you to back off–LISTEN TO US EVEN THOUGH YOUR INNER DIALOGUE MAY TELL YOU TO PUSH THROUGH IT.  We can advise you on scaling, or taking some time off.  
And yes, the paradox between today’s quote under the kitten and the above paragraphs is intentional irony.

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