What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a Challenging, Fun, Community-Driven Fitness Program for nearly EVERYONE, regardless of age or current Fitness ability.  CrossFit Hampton Roads provides World Class Strength and Conditioning Coaching in a fun, motivational, ego-free environment.  Our goal is to help our athletes optimize Health, Wellness and Fitness.

CrossFit uses Constantly Varied, Functional Movements executed at High Intensity to achieve remarkable gains in fitness.

Functional Movements:  This is what makes CrossFit truly applicable to everyone regardless of age or current fitness level.  A few examples of functional movements are the Squat, Push Press and Deadlift. Here are some characteristics of a Functional Movement:

             •Essential to Independent Living: such as the ability to get up out of a chair without assistance or strain after the age of 60,  or picking up your kids/grandkids.
             •Safe: Functional movements are remarkably safe–especially when compared to non-functional movements (the majority of machines you find at a standard gym).               
            •Core to Extremity:  Functional Movements begin with a strong core.  The movement then transfers energy to the extremities
            •Can Move Large Loads a Long Distance, Quickly.  “Work” is measured by the amount of Force applied over a distance (W=F*D).  Power is how much Work you do in a given time (P=W/T).  You move more weight faster with a functional movement that you do with a non-functional movement. This applies to everyday life:  carrying groceries from the car to the house, shoveling mulch, or keeping up with the kids.
Intensity:  Intensity in the right doses and at an appropriate level for your Fitness abilities helps consistently yield remarkable results.  This is measurable, observable and repeatable.   If your performance in the gym improves, your performance in everyday life (real world applications) will also improve.  We get RESULTS!
Constantly Varied:  CrossFit’s Specialty is NOT SPECIALIZING.  People good at what they like to do, but are usually not as good at the things they don’t like to do.  You never know what life will throw at you.  It may be picking groceries up from the floor one minute, then walking upstairs with kids hanging from your legs, then putting a heavy box up on a shelf. Variance in physical training prepares you for a multitude of physical contingencies and makes the training FUN!  CrossFit incorporates elements of Weightlifting (such as Clean, Deadlift, etc.), Gymnastics (pushup, pullup, dips) and traditional cardio (running, rowing, jump rope, etc..) in varied patterns to achieve stunning Fitness.

Don’t be intimidated by the workouts on the CrossFit Homepage.  These are programmed for the elite CrossFit athlete.  EVERYTHING is scalable, and our Coaching staff is trained to alter workouts to fit an athlete’s abilities. 

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