Why CrossFit Hampton Roads?

Athletes choose us for the following reasons:
    • Coaching from the Peninsula’s PREMIER,  CrossFit Coaching Staff
    • You become a part of our tight-knit FAMILY of athletes (we hang out together, we workout together, we support each other in and out of the gym)
    • A truly life-changing experience. We use the word “Transformation,” and we mean it. We change lives with Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching… and we’re damn proud of it.
    • NOT EVERY CROSSFIT GYM IS THE SAME.  We combine world-class coaching, well-planned and thoroughly calculated workouts with specific health and performance goals developed through proven Strength & Conditioning principles to reap absolutely REMARKABLE results.  If you want a low-cost CrossFit gym that simply “hosts” workouts, then look elsewhere.

Please inquire within for prices.  There is a financial investment associated with the quality of coaching and personal attention you receive within our gym.  We can only promise to over-deliver on the value and exceed  your expectations with every workout.

Your insurance isn’t going to prolong your life.  Your doctor isn’t going to strengthen your discipline.  Your gym membership isn’t going to make you fit.  It is the people and the environment in which you choose to surround yourself that ultimately changes your health.  When you truly appreciate this concept, the fee to become healthier is not something to waiver about, but rather how fast you will act upon it.

Stop struggling, start TODAY! Let us help you achieve your health and wellness goals!